WoW Gold Farming Mastery: Uldaman - 25k to 70k (3 minute route)

Today's WoW gold guide will show you the best way to farm Uldaman for transmog. Rather than kill everything in the dungeon, which takes 6 minutes if you're going fast, we're targeting density, so we'll loot 80% of the mobs in just over 3 min.


-Use the legion cooking food Bear Tartare, so you get a speed buff after each enemy. Try to keep this buff up 100% of the time.
-Do this on a monk or druid, so you can use zen meditation or dreamwalk to leave the dungeon. If you dreamwalk again from the dreamgrove it teleports you back.
-You'll get fancy items like the mining hat, papal fez, or pendulum of doom eventually, but don't farm specifically for them. These are impossibly rare drops that most servers only see once or twice a year. Farm for big transmog and jump for joy if you get lucky, rather than ending each farm disappointed. Sure this isn't necessarily a technique or tip for the guide, but it's a mindset thing that will help you keep farming.
-Try not to do more than 50 dungeon runs a week or you'll just be swimming in duplicate transmog appearances. To make gold in WoW with mog, you need to keep the veil of scarcity up, so don't post more than 1 or 2 of each item.
-Once you have a couple hundred transmog pieces, you'll need Tradeskillmaster to post it all. That guide is linked below.

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