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Tall, short, slim, fat.. Jacque loves them all

Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe was the trending topic for the better part of Tuesday, September 25, after her name was mentioned in a case involving the murder of a Kilimani based lady.

Maribe's quandaries began just a few hours after her fiancee, Joseph Kuria Irungu, was arrested and held at the Kilimani police station over the murder of Monica Kimani in her residence at Luciane apartments in Nairobi.

Preliminary police reports indicated Irungu was arrested because he was suspected to be among people who got to Kimani's house, cut her throat and stuffed her lifeless body in a bathtub.

Maribe was grilled by police over the matter hours after Jowi's arrest after detectives stated the suspect's report at Langata Police Station claiming he had been shot on Friday, September 25 was incomprehensible.

Well, following the buzz around Maribe, went down the memory lane to unearth a list of men who at one time, dated or were rumoured to be dating the TV girl.

Top on the list are renowned blogger and ex-State House digital and social media personality Dennis Itumbi, Comedians Eric Omondi, David The Student and journalist Oliver Mathenge.

Itumbi and Jackie were so tight and photos of them together in a number of occasions led many into believing they were an item.

It was also rumoured the lass went out with Eric Omondi who was even suspected to be her baby's father, although the two vehemently denied in separate interviews.

Comedian David The students is also among men said to have eaten from Maribe's cookie jar.

Another one on the list if Star journalist Oliver Mathenge although unlike the aforementioned, news of his relationship with Maribe was not in public domain.

ZIPO cannot point out which time Maribe dated each man but judging with history, there was something going on between her and the aforementioned men at one given time or another.

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