UNBELIEVABLE!! A FIGHT breaks out in AMI - Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU

This prophetic moment was an absolute shock but an absolute necessity. These two best friends pray together and came to church together but God exposed the truth that had changed the destiny of the other. The lady in black is a successful business woman who has a business partner who invests greats amounts of money in the business. Her best friend Pamela felt jealous of her friend's success and told the business partner that her friend intended to take the money and escape with it forever. The business partner in anger took back his money and demanded the plane tickets he had bought her thinking that she was a thief. Through the prophetic God revealed that it was in fact her best friend who had gone behind her back and spoiled the business partner's trust. Whoever is behind your pain; every Judas in your yard, in the next 7 days the Lord shall expose his works in Jesus' name. I say fire fire fire fire fire. Somebody shout fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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