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Unforgotten Realms was a video series created in 2009. It was written, voiced, animated by myself originally for Escapist Magazine. While a few episodes were made after Escapist Magazine abandoned the show, it was never finished.

While some would wish me to return to this series from where it left off, it would not be the same. I have grown and changed so much since I worked on this project that anything less than another reboot would be a disservice. When the time comes that I am at a point in my life where I can focus on nothing but this show and I have the money and people to create it exactly the way I always wanted, I will revisit and recreate this once more for you guys. For those of you wondering about the "ending" I can honestly tell you that I never really decided how to end this show, it never felt like it should have an ending, but I'm sorry if that's not good enough after you invested yourself into 50 episodes.

The show uses some language that at the time felt a bit more appropriate and acceptable. Words like Fag and Faggot are used playfully and not meant to hurt. Funny enough, while the series is written for adult audiences, it avoids using words like Fuck. In this way, it's very much dated, but please know the use of language was never meant to insult (and apologies to those watching years later when I came to realize how hurtful they could be.)

Please enjoy the hard work of a younger me. I look forward to the day I can return to this series.