How To Be Charming Without Trying

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While watching clips from the previous Game of Thrones breakdown, I came across some cast interview clips, and I could not help but notice how effortlessly charming Emilia Clarke was. Emilia displays a number of charismatic habits, though, while seemingly simple, are extremely powerful.

In this video, we are going to break down 4 of Emilia’s habits that make her so charming. These might seem very simple at first, but there are nuances that take them from ordinary basic advice to habits that can make you extremely charismatic if you hit the nuance.


0:38 - Habit #1: ”Smile frequently (and genuinely)”
2:59 - Habit #2: “Build other people up”
5:29 - Habit #3: “Raise the energy in your interactions”
7:21 - Habit #4: “Be an active listener”

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